Nature Study 2016

Nature Study 2016


Nine years ago, a young couple took a trip to look at a bit of land that seemed affordable.  They found a one-room cabin in the middle of a clearing on top of a hill.  There was a pond southeast of the cabin, ravines and wet-weather creeks to the east and west, and a glorious oak forest filled with dogwoods and giant boulders.  So they moved there, and they were so young that they thought it would last forever.

I had a scare last year: I thought we might have to leave the delightful homestead we’ve built here.  Thanks be to God, such was not the case.  But it did make me think about how little time we spend enjoying our glorious view of the stars.  How few entries we’ve made in our nature journal.  How many months will go by without heading deep into the woods for the day. How much TIME has gone by without reveling in the glory of our surroundings.

No matter what the future brings, I intend to change the way that we interact with our land this year.  We’re going to learn about the trees that make up our forest.  We’re going to spend hours and hours outside, children and mother alike.  We’re going to break out the art supplies and the journals and deeply acquaint ourselves with these 20 glorious acres.  We’re going to swing from trees and climb over green brier and tear our clothing and catch frogs and stargaze at least once a week.

I’ll try to talk about all of it on here, and I’ll link every post on our outdooring to the list below, and we”ll see what we have by the end of the year.   1000 hours outside! Let’s do this.

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