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As Charlotte Mason homeschoolers, we have incorporated daily copywork into our daily routine from the beginning.  Princess Margaret dearly loves to make her letters as neatly as possible… Dragon Slayer not so much.   But a problem that I’m noticing in both of them is the use of friction to steady their hand.  They push quite firmly when writing, often breaking pencil leads, and my admonitions to do otherwise fall on deaf ears in the one case and tears of discouragement in the other.

Enter the #togetherweletter challenge, hosted over on Instagram by the talented Melissa Smith.  It’s brush lettering, which means (A) the children are excited because that means paint and (B) pushing harder does them no good at all.  🙂  For the month of February, we’re going to be tackling the day’s challenge during our normal copywork time.

I’m not going to invest in anything new for this challenge.  We’re using cheap tube watercolors that came in a paint kit from Walmart a few years ago, we’re all taking turns because we only have one brush that’s passable, and we’re using some homemade journals.  They’re so homemade that they don’t even have covers yet.  They’re not stitched together yet, either. :blush:

I’m hoping that this will get us all inspired about shaping letters, add a fresh jolt to the winter doldrums, and infuse new life into our copywork routine.  Each day I’ll be posting our work over on Instagram.  Come by and check it out.

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